GoatPro Takes Dreamforce: Day One

If you’ve ever been to a Dreamforce before, you know how truly incredible the first day is. The enthusiasm is electric. There’s all this knowledge waiting to be shared. There’s thousands of customer trailblazers attending hundreds of sessions. And, of course, there’s many tired travelers powering on with caffeine, adrenaline and Salesforce love.

So, this year, to help our weary attendees (and to lift up everyone), we’re greeting them exactly how any Fortune 500 company would: with a goat wearing a camera strapped to its head. We call it the Dreamforce GoatPro. And its goal is to help every single attendee have some fun with a smile, a selfie or a dance move.

Sounds silly? Yeah. But that’s okay. Nobody’s complaining. And everyone’s having some fun with it.

So here’s day one, from the eyes of the Dreamforce GoatPro. Follow it as it makes its way around the entire campus, greeting everyone while giving you a quick tour.



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